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Crabby Man Poem

crabby man (2)I loved this anonymous poem that reminds us all of why we do what we do in this business.  It made me stop and think when I read it and I wanted to share it with you.  Whether you are a caregiver, doctor, nurse, care manager, or family member, we can all appreciate the stories that each elderly person has when we encounter them.  When was the last time you asked “How are you?” and really took the time to listen?  When was the last time  you may have dealt with a difficult elderly patient, client, or family member?  Did you rush and think, “Why aren’t they listening!  Why are they being so combative?” or did you take a deep breath and think of the life they used to live and the independent person that they used to be?  These people…even the difficult ones…have their own story too.  Maybe it’s been a story of joy, family, success.  Maybe it’s been filled with regret, loss and deep sorrow.  Let’s all take the time to remember why we serve others and remember the respect and dignity that each one deserves…even the crabby ones!

Thanks for reading!
Lynessa Tinglum, Community Outreach Coordinator
Advanced Health Care


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