Advanced Health Care · Education

AHC Skills Fair

Skills Fair Flyer - 2016

Skills Fair….it’s that time again.  Every year, for the last 13 years, the Advanced Health Care administrative staff devotes a full day to our caregiving staff.  Just to our caregiving staff.  We do no visits or admissions, no meetings or routine tasks.  This is a day for our caregivers.  Nursing supervisors, human resources, payroll, scheduling, community relations, and administration meet throughout the year, planning the theme, activities, topics, menus and exploring what might make a difference, and provide helpful resources to our hardworking caregivers.

Our caregivers – these are the people that matter most – nursing assistants and nurses.  They serve our clients – every day, every night, all year long.  They give of themselves and they make sacrifices – giving up precious time with their children and families, forsaking vacations and days off, working yet another “extra” shift so a client doesn’t go without care.  These are our heroes and we are grateful and we are humble.  Grateful for their expertise and compassion, for their willingness to drive an hour to work a two hour shift, and then drive an hour back.  Humble because they do this without complaint or expectation of reward.  It’s part of the day, part of the job, and part of what they do.

This year our Skills Fair theme is “How We Care”, and we’re focusing on three kinds of caring: “How we Care for Our Clients”, “How we Care for Ourselves”, and “How we Care for Each Other.”  Our nursing supervisors have spent hours planning their stations and are excited to welcome our staff.  It’s our favorite day, and our opportunity to show our caregivers how we care for them.  They are truly the heart of our company and we are grateful and we care – every day.


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