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In our 32 years of business, Advanced Health Care has seen extraordinary changes in the home care industry, particularly affecting the hiring process.  Back when we first began,++/ we hired people who were kind and caring, who loved helping others, and people we would like to hire to help our own family members.  We still want those people, but now we have a lot more requirements:

  • License (NAC, NAR, LPN or RN)
  • Current CPR Card
  • Negative TB test
  • Two positive employment references
  • Pass two background checks
  • 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training
  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Automobile Insurance
  • Pass hiring quiz

All of these requirements are good and positive changes, and help assure we are indeed selecting qualified individuals to provide care for our clients.  However, there are not enough of these qualified individuals – not nearly enough.

Almost five years ago we really began to brainstorm on how we can attract more qualified and capable caregivers.  As we talked to local nursing assistant training schools, and were disappointed in the outcomes, we thought, “why not open our own!”  Thus, the birth of ProCare Academy!

ProCare opened in Olympia in January of 2013, followed by a second branch in Tacoma later that year.  Since then we have graduated  thousands of students and many have applied to work at AHC.  Currently nearly one-half of our new hires are ProCare graduates.

While we still need more employees, we are confident we are headed in the right direction by working closely with ProCare, located right next door to our Olympia and Tacoma Advanced Health Care offices.  We  have opportunity to screen and train students the way we want them trained to work for our clients.  Our graduates work in many settings, including skilled nursing, assisted living, adult family homes, hospitals and many more.  Many of our graduates are attending nursing school and we are proud to have our first ProCare graduates achieving their RN degrees this year!

While the caregiver shortage remains, we are happy that we have broadened our hiring process to include ProCare students and graduates!  If you are interested in learning more about a career in health care, contact ProCare Academy today!


ProCare website:
Email address:
Phone # 888-960-2553





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