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Make a Difference

How often do you feel like you get the opportunity to really make a difference on someone’s life?  When you know that your presence and your actions allow another individual to do something or be somewhere that otherwise would be impossible?

At Advanced Health Care, we have this opportunity every single day.  Many of our clients would not be able to stay home if it were not for the care provided by our compassionate and dedicated caregivers.  They arrive at homes in the early morning hours to help the client out of bed, bathe, dress, prepare breakfast and get ready for the day.  And then, they go to another home, and do the same thing.  Other caregivers provide respite for a spouse, adult child, or other family caregiver so they can go to work or school or to simply have a break from constant caregiving.  At the end of the day caregivers arrive in homes to prepare the evening meal, assist with bedtime, and help the client get ready for the night.  Some clients cannot be alone at night, and caregivers arrive and stay all night, to keep the client safe, meet his/her needs, and allow family to rest.

Each one of our hundreds of clients really needs us when we’re there.  Every shift that is scheduled is important and essential for that client or family.  Our caregivers know this, and do all they can to understand and meet the needs of each individual, and at the same time provide comfort and support to families.

How would you feel if you were the person providing this care?  To be so important in the life of another individual and their family?  We ask our employees this question – and these are some of the answers we receive:

“I love going to see Mr. G.  He is always so happy to see me and tells me about his grandchildren and what they are doing. They live in another state, so he doesn’t see them often.  I know I’m important to him, and he likes telling me about his family.”

                “Mrs. H is not always in a good mood.  She has dementia which makes her angry and sad.  Sometimes she is a little bit rude – but then she cries and doesn’t know why she is this way.  I am good with people with dementia, so I can comfort her and help make her day better.  I’m glad I’m assigned to this client, because I think I understand her.”

                “My favorite clients are the veterans.  My dad, who died long ago, was a veteran.  I feel so honored that I am able to help our veterans.  It makes me feel closer to my dad too.”

                “I take care of a client who is paralyzed.  He is so happy that he can stay home.  If it were not for caregivers he would have to be in a facility.  I know he appreciates everything we do for him.”

Caregiving is an honorable and humbling occupation – whether as a paid caregiver, a volunteer, or a family member.  We recognize the sacrifices caregivers make on behalf of others, and extend our heartfelt thanks.  You do indeed make a difference!


One thought on “Make a Difference

  1. It’s a powerful position to be in, to make or ruin someone’s day, and we never aim to ruin anyone’s day. But wow! It’s payday every time we leave a home sensing the mutual wish that we could stay longer, be more helpful.



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