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What Do YOU Love?

Have you ever been asked, what do you love?  It’s a good question – One that we should all be able to answer.  Then ask yourself, am I doing what I love?

If you love your family – are you spending time with your family on a regular basis?  Not just the daily taking care of business part, but the real spending time – talking and eating and sharing.

If you love your pets – are you doing more than feeding and cleaning up after them?  Are you taking walks with your dog or curling up on the couch with your cat?

Do you love to read?  What was the last book you read for pleasure?  Not because it was assigned to you, but because you chose to read it.

Are you really into music?  Do you make it a practice to listen to uplifting music every day?  Or do you just listen to whatever is on the radio, thinking you’ll listen to what you really like later?

Do you have really wonderful friends that you love?  When was the last time you got together and spent some time just talking and enjoying each other?

If you love the outdoors – are you regularly getting outside – even in bad weather?

Are you a sports advocate?  Are you participating or watching sports regularly?  Do you play on a team, or bicycle with a group?  Do you watch the playoffs or championship game with your like minded friends?

Do you love caring for others?  Are you making a difference in the life of someone every day through your caring?  If you’re reading this blog – you probably are!

Life is short – make sure you take the time to do what you love!


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